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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

If your automobile’s air conditioner is giving you trouble, then it may to time to stop by your local AAMCO for an air conditioning check up. AAMCO can assist with air conditioning inspection, diagnosis, and repairs, and they’ll help you get back on the road quickly knowing securely that your air conditioner is functioning as it should—including the dehumidifier and defrosting modes, which are essential to safety.

Here are just a few warning signs that you may need to get your air conditioning system checked:

  • No cold air will blow from the vents
  • The air conditioner can blow hot and cold air, but will blow cold unexpectedly at the wrong setting
  • Turning on your air conditioner causes it to make strange sounds
  • The air blowing from your vents smells strange
  • When defrost mode is on, the windows get foggy instead of clear

Alongside an AAMCO air conditioning service check, all AAMCO certified technicians will also perform an Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) as well as Comprehensive Diagnostic Services, free of charge, in order to provide the following:

  • Visual inspection of the lines, hoses, seals and other systems that are a part of the air conditioning system, to check for breaks and leaks
  • Ensure the air conditioning compressor is in working order
  • Overall assessment of all air conditioning parts for wear, damage, or potential leaks in the near future
  • Inspect the drive belt on the air conditioning unit for any cracks or suspicious damage

The results of these inspections will help inform the AAMCO team, and you, what damage risks exist in your vehicle’s system, and any potential hazards that you may need to treat sooner rather than later to help keep your vehicle functional and safe on the road. For the highest quality in service and treatment, you need look no further than the Campbell, CA, AAMCO team! Contact their office today to see about a walk-in or appointment for your vehicle.



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